We are now in Malampuzha staying at KPM Residency. Last night we visited the Nochur Bhagavathy Temple. The temple closes everyday at 7:30pm. We started from New Thippasandra, Bangalore in the afternoon yesterday and reached the temple at 8:30pm. We travelled 420km. This temple is in Koduvayur in a village called Nochur in Palakkad District.

This is the only west facing goddess in Palakkad district with a big pond in front of it called Bhagavathy kulam or kaali kulam. It is mentioned as the Nochur Pond in google maps . They have a car festival celebrated on Jan 14th & 15th every year. Because of this temple is open till 10pm. We thought we could not see the temple since we reached Palakkad late. But, we were pleasantly surprised. We had a beautiful Darshan. Gave money and took Bhagavathi's blessings.

The Priest there told us to get back to the hotel soon because they were going to do spiritual cleansing before the actual festival today. He explained that all the dead spirits, demons and evil souls are all driven away with special chants. Traditional drums are beaten to a specific rhytmn which scares away the unnecessary things. A special image is created which is very scary looking and the priests walk around the whole village carrying the same. He didnt want us to see that because children were acompanying us. So we left immediately after that.

The "Sathasathayam" of this temple is a very famous prasadam. Nearby cities are Palakkad, Pollachi, Vellimalaipattinam, Coimbatore. The Coordinates are 10°41'14"N and 76°40'5"E.

Shanthi Durga Parameshwari Amman is the presiding diety of this temple. People here mention her as the goddess who lives in Nochur Village. This is a very beautiful temple. Its small, serene and just perfect. If you are a sensitive person, you can feel the powerful vibes when you get close to the idol. Its breathtaking.


Vijayalakshmi Ramakrishnan said...

Thank you. That was very helpful to know about temple
Could you help with temple phone number to contact temple administrator to book for pooja.

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